COVID-19 & Telehealth


My name is Mariah the owner and a Therapist of Keller Child & Family Therapy. This is a strange time indeed. COVID-19 is challenging our lives to think and act differently moving us from past ways to future ways of interacting with one another. I have not used this forum..blogging….because I was content with my private practice, clients and professional peers. This is comfort to me but now I must change and do it differently. Essentially moving from my recent past comfort zone to my future uncomfortable zone.

Quarantine has slowed me down! So far it has been a time for me to reflect and try new things. I miss seeing clients face to face so much it hurts my heart. It makes me sad but, I would be hypocritical if I did not seize the opportunity in COVID-19. So I did! With my amazing team, Amy, Grace, Elizabeth and Dorna. We shifted our way of thinking which was, ‘the only way to provide therapy was face to face.’ Now we are seeing clients using Telehealth.

Our staff all have opinions about the pros and cons of therapeutic rapport and interpersonal relationships with clients but it is safe to say we all agree face to face is best! However, there have been positive interactions with many clients using Telehealth. First its convenient, the obvious it’s safe because of social distancing and it is also easy to access. With just a few clicks and downloads of HIPPA approved apps ‘boom’ the therapist and client are face to face (albeit some kind of device separates us) it does not stop therapeutic listening or empathizing.

I have personally experienced some clients talking more vs in the office and I have witnessed first hand how overwhelmed parents and individuals are in their day to day lives with their children, siblings, husbands/wives, cats and dogs jumping in on the session. We have made the best of the randomness of these events happening during sessions. Typically when clients come to the office it is a full hour of undivided attention however on the flip side when I see how busy lives are it brings me to a different level of awareness and empathy.

So, thank you to the clients who stay dedicated to wellness and thank you to new clients who are aware now more than ever it is a time to seek therapy through a new uncharted forum, Telehealth.