Family Therapy

Family Therapy with The Organic Therapist

Your family unit contains some of the closest and longest lasting relationships that you will ever have. With all of the stress, conflict and difficulties of life and parenting, it can be difficult to maintain the loving environment and healthy relationships that you desire.

Whether you are struggling to parent a difficult child or your family is coping with a traumatic loss, family therapy will help to bring hope and growth in your family. Family therapy at Keller Child and Family Therapy intends to:

  • Include and consider the needs of the individuals and unique relationships within your family
  • Work with your family, not on your family
  • Be sensitive to your unique beliefs, culture, relationships and family structure
  • Highlight and enhance individual family members’ strengths
  • Provide a safe environment to talk about difficult issues in a helpful and productive way

Restoring Hope and Healing to the Family Unit

By sitting down in a safe and open environment, your family will be guided in conversation and will work together toward understanding and healing in whatever area your family needs.

I am happy to welcome families from Keller, Colleyville and Southlake alike! Call Keller Child and Family Therapy today at 817-243-8777 to learn more about family therapy and how it can help you!

What Makes Us Different?

  • Grounded and honest therapy
  • Find your inner peace
  • Express yourself in a safe environment
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment

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