• Self Harm Group

    When I was a teenager I compared myself to those around me. I compared my looks, what I had or did not have and relationships. I compared myself to my peers and celebrities. To be honest the characters from 90210! Yes, I am dating myself! I knew it was just a tv show but still it was hard sometimes to not compare myself.

    Teenagers today deal with the same stressors as we did when we were in high school however NOW they have the added pressure of social media. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. provide thousands of opportunities for teenagers to compare themselves to each other.

    Some teenagers struggle more then others with feelings of sadness, worthlessness or depression and the way they cope with these feelings is to withdraw and or cutthemselves. Self-harm behaviors seems unfathomable for adults to fully grasp. I offer a group that tackles why and what to do about it. We discuss, stress, family dynamics, attachment, trust and mindfulness. Feel free to check out the flyer for details.

  • What Would You’re Person Say?

    If you were to listen in on a conversation between the Person who knows you best and someone else…what would You’re Person say about you?

  • Starting New Things…The Color White

    Starting New Things…The Color White..

    Hi, my name is Mariah, the owner and therapist of this site. I wanted to take a moment and thank all supporters of my new adventure as a therapist here in Keller/Southlake/Grapevine and surrounding areas. This has been an unbelievable experience. I love every second..even the times when I am exhausted.

    I read a book to some of my younger clients called, I Feel Orange Today. The book is about expressing feelings using colors. Colors are a great way to express how we feel. For example red usually represents anger, blue sad etc…In this book the color White represents new things. This is my White..My Practice, The Organic Therapist…

    I am writing my thoughts on this fresh new white page (I’ve never written a blog before..it’s NEW to me..White!) I feel great when I wear white, it feels new and clean.

    I wonder if colors trigger us as individuals to behave in certain ways, good or ugly. I remember having a conversation with friends who suggested the color Red in Asian Restaurants makes people eat more, this could be true…..I eat a TON!!

    When you think of White, what do you think about? Do you notice anything different about how you interact with others? Do you notice how others behave differently?

  • Welcome to Keller Child and Family Therapy Blog

    Welcome to our blog!